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BRC goes Group N

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Reading Gareths column in Pacenotes he says the BRC is going Group N next year?? Is this right, if so it is about time the ITC broke away from the JCM, IOM and maybe the Ulster.
After Tims treatment, it makes sense.
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There has been no official statement yet. The proposals are still to be ratified by the MSA. There was supposed to be an announcement this week but it looks like next week now.

3 events have been dropped and another 1 brought in. This will being it down to a 6 round championship for the time being...

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jeez, what events are dropped???
Hopefully we will follow suit and drop the more expensive rounds with no MSI input.
The ITC will deffo have to pull out of the Jim Clark Ulster and Manx otherwise it will be like a few years ago when they were treated like 2nd class people..........
judging by the treatment Tim got this year it looks like they were still been treated like second class citizens. I know both rallies are run very well, but there is no point having rallies in the ITC that do not have MSI representation to look after the Irish runners. I don't know, maybe a good shake up is needed.
What article in Pacenotes ?? I got it this evening but cannot find it anywhere.
There was a bit about Tim Ciara in a black column on the right hand side of one of the pages
Why are the BRC constantly chopping and changing with their championship??
After reading Pacenotes I was disgusted with McNultys treatment in Manx. God only knows how much Tim spent gettin his S10 Subaru over to the island. To be then kicked in the balls for actually following proper safety procedures was not good.
Maybe it would not be such a bad thing if the Ulster, Manx and Jim Clarke were dropped. OK I know we'd be loosing good rallies, especially the Manx, but if thats the way our top compettitors get treated then it might not be such a bad thing............
It would also make the championship a bit easier to compete in for the crews down in the classes if the events outside the country were dropped>........................
You have good points there PJ, they are indeed good rallies. But there are many good rallies in Ireland that would love to be part of the ITC, West Cork , Wexford, ALMC etc It would be nice if they spread the championship around, currently we have three rounds in the Northern part of Ireland, two in the south one in the West and none in the midlands or the East. Not quite right me thinks. If they insist on running the Manx, JCM etc then they must expect officials from MSI and they must also take into account Irish rules and common sense.
The new event that has been added to the calendar is Wales Rally GB! :barf:
Originally posted by 306 Cosworth
The new event that has been added to the calendar is Wales Rally GB! :barf:
to the brc?
Back in 78 the RAC was part of the British Series no nothing new here just briniging back old ideas
Originally posted by anto
Originally posted by 306 Cosworth
The new event that has been added to the calendar is Wales Rally GB! :barf:
to the brc?

Mark the british series was alot better than and so was the RAC!:p
personally i think it would be better if the itc dropped its rounds outside of ireland, it is called the irish tarmac championship but it holds rounds in Ulster, Scotland and Isle Of Man, its hardly an Irish championship then is it. besides the point it costs too much for irish competitors to travel to jcm and iom rallies it would be better to have it held with in ireland. the british rules change the whole time Irish competitors should get together and decide themselves if they want to loose the rallies in question
If the ITC was to drop the Jim Clark and Manx, what events would you replace them with ??
There are so many rallies that could slot in place with the minimum of fuss, there needs to be a rally on the East coast and one in the midlands. The ALMC could easily organise a rally based anywhere in the midlands with the help of other clubs in the region. the Wexford rally could easily slot in. And if the plans come about for the BRC and the Ulster organisers choose to go the BRC route, upgrade another rally from the national championship and in turn upgrade a non championship multi stage rally into the national championship in its place.
Sounds simple, but it may not be. But it can be done and could easily be turned on for next year. If the Manx is going to stay switch the ITC round to to the manx national and just make it longer.
Why change something that is not broken ?? The Manx National is fine just the way it is :)
A rather interesting read there from the Belfast Telegraph, I think GPN and the lesser championship cars is the way forward due to the outrageous costs of WR cars for the 'club men', but from as a spectators view there’s nothing like the sight and sound of a WRC.
The BRC has been trying to die for years. Now it might be able to manage it. Look at it this year. All you have is the Stobart team and the McHales. Doesn't say much for Championship that used to be almost as big as the wrc.
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