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Billy Coleman Award

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Who's for the Billy Coleman Award this year?
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Peter Wilson, Brian O MahonyJ,ames Stafford, Keith McElhinney maybe. The nominations will have to be in sometime in the next two months I'd expect.....
Colin O' Toole, Seamus O' Grady, Columba Heena, John Stafford, Barry Meade, Ray Conlon there's been alot of lads putting up serious times this year, will be interesting to see who gets it. Is Terence O' Shaughnessy eligable?
Was goin to mention O Shaughnessey meself but not actuall sure what age he is!!!! Think he may be over age.........
Colin O Toole has been very quick this year true enough, as has Seamus O Gradt and Barry Meade.
what about mark alcorn from donegal-was up against conl;on last weekend in the single stage + beat him by over 30sec! he is a header.
terrence o shaughnessy is over the age i think he is 28 i think sure il ask him later when he comes into the shop but would be a top runner, i think brian o mahony should get it he is very quick and has the money behind him to push him all the way the billy coleman award would push him a long way publicity wise
Think Kevin Kelleher will be there, he came 4th last year, and this year he won west cork gp n, 3rd in the lakes gp n, won munter gp n and won the mk 2 challenge and came 5th overall....
Is Kevin Kelleher over the age?
I think Peter Wilson would be a deserving winner and after the great result he had last weekend with such a good entry, he should be in with a shout! There very few people i can think of, that has so much talent and puts so much time, energy and enthusiasm into rallying with great humility!! Andrew Nesbitt can't be wrong....
dont forget about Gordon Coleman his driving in the forests this year has improved alot compared to last year.he may not do much tarmac events but i still think he has talent and should be just as entitled as anyone else to compete for the award.
Matt Shinnors had a 13o/a in Cork forestry & 12 o/a in Killarney a good finish 2 the year he could give a crack at it
Originally posted by jp ruth
i think brian o mahony should get it he is very quick and has the money behind him to push him all the way the billy coleman award would push him a long way publicity wise
I would have thought the BC award would be a chance for the guys who might not have the massive monetary backing to get the chance normally only afforded to guys who have serious money behind them. With the money some of those guys could make a name for themselves and for motorsport in Ireland

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I think that Gareth McHale would be an obvious choice to be representing M.I. on a new stage. He has the top results and is only 25.
He's in class 8 though. As far as I know it only for drivers in cars from Classes 1 to 7 so that would rule Gareth out..............
I didnt think it was restricted to classes below 8? Good idea if it is?

Two lads that have hopped into older Evos from smaller 2wd cars and been right on the times are Peter Wilson and also Graham Quin.

Not easy to get into an Evo and be close to the pace of guys like James Foley and Wille Fannin

Kelleher would be good alright but I do think he is too old? maybe not.
is the billy coleman award restricted to southern ireland drivers?what are the requirements? where do you apply?
Does anyone know where one would find the regs for the award as to who is elligible. I can't put the bet on with Paddy Power til I know who is in for it
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