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best rally game

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can anyone tell me which is the best rally game with realistic handling are there any games with realistic handling blike gran turismo 3 i find colin mc rae rally a bit twitchy:caution:
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Richard Burns Rally isn't a bad choice. The physics are superb and the graphics are good too. Definitley one to consider. But I will say that if you have a PC, then make sure you have a wheel because this game is impossible to play with the keyboard and I'm just about managing with a cheap joypad.

WRC5 is definitley not "the best rally game". Its not a simulator at all and the physics are appaling. The co-driver is annoying too and theres only 3 stages per country.
Despite all that, this game is enormous fun and is definitley worth buying if you just want a quick blast through a few stages. It also includes GpB cars and Privateer cars (Omv Xsara, Red Bull Fabia, Sola's Focus, Warmbold's Focus, Olsberg Subaru and Bozian 206).
By the way, if you would like to join an offline Wrc5 series with currently touching 100 entries, then PM me and I'll give you the link. Please join! ;)
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I too would say that Richard Burns Rally is the pick atm.
Its to bad there arnt a huge amount of stages to compete on.
Its a good thing that the staes can be bloody long :)

On the side, does anyone know of any mods that add stages to RBR (PC)?
Grug, I don't know of a mod to "add" stages as such but I do know of one that "changes" stages for a bit of variation. Go to rbrchamp.com and then go to "downloads". Now, it probably won't be there yet. You'll need to wait until closer to January because we use different modded stages when competing in the league. Do join us if you want :)

By the way, for those who want to join the Wrc5 Championship go to -

www.rallyforum.com Go to the simulation section and then to "Wrc5 Championship" thread. Put your entry on there :D
Sorry to say but in my opinion nothing has come close to Rally Championship yet... Sure some of the modern titles has some stunning graphics but for realism and stage length RC is hard to beat. Just a pitty it cant be modified or updated with new cars, stages etc.
yes i agree.its deffo the most realistic.
but rbr has better physics no doubt. rally champ's physics are crap. if they were as good as rbr's then it would be a proper simulator.
Honestly I wouldnt know cos rbr keeps crashin on me after about about 15mins :laugh:
do you know why gary? its probably worth getting it sorted out. legend game!!
Rally FUSION is the best game ever:mad:
Definately rally Champ, the sound handling length and realism of stages is unreal!

pity its so old
ofcourse im messin! its possibly contender for worst rally game ever!
yeah i know. lol. but u could pick an opel manta which was cool. :p
Sure u can get an Opel Ascona for RT
the manta is the best! :laugh:
rally trophy? would it be able to work on xp?
I have it installed on XP Pro
might consider gettin it then. is there a car list around? whats the physics and damage like?
no-grip.net has a list of addon cars
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