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Bertie Fishers Silver Subaru!!

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wondering if use can help me out there guys?

im loking for a model of bertie fishers silver subaru impreza. willing to pay good money?

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You will have to pay good money David if its the 1/43rd scale one your after, and hoping that someone will sell.

Good luck mate
KMD made this one

the sliver subaru :cool:

check out
http://www.kmdmodels.com/ for more info

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On Ebay, there is a Peugeot 309 GTI for sale(Not a model) which is claimed to have been owned by Bertie Fisher.
If I find the link I will put it up.
that model on kmd is jus wat im lookin for.

to see it sitting there on the web site wit the big sold out label beside it is jus plain annoying. :mad::mad:
very hard to get one now,

i don't have one :roll:
I am in the middle of building a 1/24 scale one-the decals are proving a bit of a problem to make-the yellow graphics specifically. I did try to get hold of thegraphics off the company that did the car but they don't have them on thier system. It is a project I am working on steadily, in tandem with others. I know Andy Gilmore was planning to do a whole range of Bertie's cars and did produce a wonderful version of the first blue one, so try contacting him to see if he will build you one. The silver car is really good looking one and I was a big fan of Bertie.

Link to Andy Gilmore: http://www.rallymax.tv/news_04_0091_bertie_fisher_models.htm

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thanks will get in contact with andygilmore..

yea the silver suraru was the best looking.

i have a model of his blue subaru and one of his red mark2. just really want the silver scooby now.
emailed him but no word back yet!!

still on the hunt.
Try phoning him-he is very approachable.
I can get it for you-will send it by U2U-

Number sent.

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still no number yet rubywax?
tel 07876 562003.

This was on the forum

If phoning from the south dial 0044, drop the 0 before the 7876

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