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Bertie Fisher Manta 400 ebay

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A Bertie Fisher Manta 400 shell gold card version is on e-bay.
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I think the price is too high judging by the condition of the decals on the rear pillars.

Just my oppinion
Maybe its me, but that gold paint looks awful..
The gold paint "decal" Mike is distorted and is prone to cracking and falling off.

I bought my version from ebay and paid £80 which was money well spent as it was mint and its a model that I wont be selling.

Apparently the Vittesse Brookes RAC Andrews Heat for Hire Manta 400 car is worth at least £130 if in absolute mint and boxed condition.

Which I just happen to have one of them too:laugh:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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