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BBC Sports Personality of the year

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Just seen this on another forum


I voted for Michael 'Beefy' Park

Care to join in?

As many times as the number of email addresses you have
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that web address is coming up as an error on bbc's pages
All you have to do is go to main BBC sport page and you can click on it
This would be a nice gesture.

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ant news on this?
Bit of a joke from what i saw of it. Twas rigged for the cricket crowd to win everything. Even my scouse crew got nothing! Minor mention of Richard Burns in the motorsport review but no reference to Beefy. Ive alredy aired my opinion on this matter in the richard burns thread
flip that tosser that won it!!!! when it came to the final six i wanted ricky hatton to take it.
pity about burns and parke tho.
I could never see burns or micheal win it as rally even wrc isnt anywhere near as popular as cricket and pansey football but it would of been nice to see them in top 10 all the same due to there tragic loss, and its cruel but true if none of them died no one would of voted for either of them,

But as a loyal motorpsort fan, Fisher, Burns Park and many other Tragic losses in motorsport are always remembered

Rallying was never going to get anything and even though i'm a Liverpool man Flintoff totally deserved the award. Ain't a big fan of his sport but he was awesome all summer. And at least he's a normal down to earth guy and not some big head.

Just one wee thing. Surely what Ellen MacArthur does isn't a sport. Not running down her achievements but she just sails alone around the world.
r u on the right forum "gknight":dunno: we dont really give a shit about how good a year flintoff had: maybe next u'll b saying norn iron r linfield/glentoran should of got team of the year.:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p

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Maybe, you never know. It just seems like some people think he shouldn't have won the award because they don't like the sport he competes in. That seems a bit blinkered to me thats all. Have to say the paltry mention of Burns on the show was pathetic and they must never have heard of Beef.
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