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As was Subaru, is now Ford

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A possible explanation for the rumoured Focus purchases might be that - if the drivers wait a couple years to switch - they'll have to get one of them ugly '06 ones?

A silk purse now or a sows ear in '07? Easy decision.

I reckon that 06 car is so ugly it forced McHale into retirement
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I have been on medication because Subaru’s became so boring, now I have to go on stronger stuff to cope with the ugly Focus because the stuff I am won't do the trick.
pity, i think the new wrc focus is pretty agressive lookin. the road car is a heap, but i jus cast my mind back to the bug eyed impreza, love one of them yokes
The New Ford will just take some getting used to , like the new Subaru etc. When the 2003 car came out the words Ugly were used then, we got used to it and now it is the best looking WRC out there. Give it time for the grey matter to adjust to something new, people don't like change and always react this way.
i think the new focus iseven better looking than the last one and that was the best looking wrc car out there.
Originally posted by Rallyhead
To be fair 90% of new cars are ugly!!!!!!
and the other 10% are awful :p:D
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