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Anyone recomend a decent rolling road?

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Can anyone recomend a decent rolling road for mapping an engine on throttle bodies. Seen an advert in Pacenotes for a place in Wexford or Waterford i think called CK performance, anybody had any experiance with them. Or anybody know of any places to avoid, u2u if you prefer.
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x-works, I know a good few people that have gone down to CK Performance in Wexford and had nothing but praise for Alex and his staff.
He's based in Adamstown in Co. Wexford
Thanks for the reply, just like to get some feedback on the various tuners out there before i go, rather than finding out they were useless after they charged me for a rolling road session. Found one cowboy already couple of years ago but it cost me a few pound before I realised it. :roll:
if your in the North Triple7 gets good reports though i have no experience of his work
Thanks Gee, thats the second time their name has come up, will try to find someone who has been to them. :)
i know john mcglaughlan (McNeill Prepared Evo 7) has sposorship from the guy so i'd guess he has used them

i have been once for a group RR day but all it was doing was giving figures not actually playing with engines and set ups
Thanks, just trying to find someone who knows what their at, mapping a fuel and ignition ECU. And would rather find someone decent over here than selling a kidney to ship lock, stock and barrel over to England. Would normally have just rang around to find someone available but having been stung by an imposter before I'd like to get some references this time. :laugh:
A mate of mine had a 1600 8valve Nova on throttle bodies and Alex in CK played with it until he got almost 160bhp out of it, he could have went alot more but reckoned it was safer to stay below this mark. A vast majority of guys in the South East go to them because they are clued into to things and Alex attends alot of rally's in this area and is always willing to give a hand out if people are in trouble.
ck in wexford are very good they take care of the pink panter nova and i ahve heard nothing but praise for there work
Alex in CK is also responsible for the Super 1400 engine in the wide bodied 106 that was out on the Birr and Carrick rally's recently
Thanks for the feedback, think I'll probably be gettin in touch with CK when the cars bedded in. Was that that the grey/silver 106 at Carrick
definitely triple 7 for rolling road tuning had several cars done by him:eek:nce tuned an evo 6 for bennett i I sat with him on test session it brought tears to the lower region money well spent:eek:
Where abouts exactly is triple 7.
cookstown, NI and then up the back arse of a mountain - not too hard to find if you get decent directions
I've been to triple 7. First class people, kmow woth they're doing. I've a 1974 Austin maxi, was surprised by the power!!!:p
I've been up to Aidan in Triple 7 a few times from the south, excellent work and real thorough and professional, very reasonable with the ££££'s and a real nice fellow. Would definitely be a favourite amoung the rally community. People come to him from as far away as Cork!! Highly Recommended.
Excellent feedback lads, thanks a million. Both places are about the same distance from me so I think it'll just come down to a phone call to see who can fit the car in. Just gotta find a nice quite road now to bed the engine in. :laugh:
i have delt a couple of times with triple 7 top class
Originally posted by x-works
Thanks for the feedback, think I'll probably be gettin in touch with CK when the cars bedded in. Was that that the grey/silver 106 at Carrick

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ttm in galway
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