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another stupid problem

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head gasket went on my accord. fixed it all went well until yesterday.

coolant level is not dropping but its blowing steam from the expansion bottle. (opened or closed)

has my gasket gone again or could it be something simple like a stuck thermostat?
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did you have the head skimmed before you put it back on :dunno::dunno:
another stupid problem i have is my rally car failed M.O.T for not having ABS brakes fitted to it.... can any one help
do your model car come with ABS Brakes
Head was skimmed and pressure tested or so i was led to believe.

Last time it went i had to keep topping up the coolant until i got it fixed.I have kept an eye on it and its not losing any.

Today when i went to work there was no heat coming from the heaters.


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is it air locked????????????
it does jp but you cant have abs brakes on a rally car.........
Originally posted by jp ruth
is it air locked????????????
its something alright!:laugh:
well it has to be lossing water if you are getting steam from the car:idea:
Id say the giggeling pins have fallin out of da laughin shaft:D:p thats your problemlad!!!!
prob just needs the heater matrix cleared out it could be blocked, or a stuck valve in the heater controls
then bleed the system
Originally posted by rossgamble1987
Id say the giggeling pins have fallin out of da laughin shaft:D:p thats your problemlad!!!!
Nice one ross.... hows your nova coming along any pictures of her yet:roll::roll::roll:
i for one cant wait to see this car it has to be the most talked abt car in years. :D
i agree trev its the only corsa in the world what has a full years research in it, the whole vauxhall company was built quicker and with less questions than ross gambles corsa:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:cool::cool:
and when you do get her out she will be ready for the historics or vintage rallys
haha well you will be waitin longer now puttin it aside till next year not askin any more questions lol just looking for stuff,
Was gona sell the hole lot but to much work has gone into it just will be next year before it out so youll ave to wait lol should get some pics if you wanna see them next week,

Thanks for all the "SUPPORT" lads lol
Thats a pity Ross but sure it takes the pressure off of Kris Meeke!!!!
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