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an irish rally champ game

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Now that ps have made a game for the gaa..... and considering rallying is just as big and about to get bigger... I wonder if we rallied up some support would ps make a irish rally champ game including all d forest, tarmac, national south east, etc etc champs in it???

I think we should set up a poll like what motoring news did for rally ireland and get people to sign it and make ps aware of it.

Considering rallying on a country level in ireland is nearly the biggest in the world. Just look at roy dempsters website of all the wrc cars and that will just tell you how many have been on irish soil.
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i sort of worked with sony for a while and said this to them, they answer was sort of: they find it hard to sell the wrc games, ussally after x-mas it down to £10, and they then find it hard to get rid of them all before the next one. (a local shop still has wrc 3 for sale at €60) the gaa game ive been told we only be for ireland and mabe releaced world wide, nearly every gaa fan with a ps will get it and that alot of people.

so sorry to burst your bubble but they wont listen sure they cant even make a proper rally game yet.

id sagest sending to a game developer some small company that would be your best chance.


Well motoring news are doing it so why not us also. Theres a petition to sign and when we get some emails of these companies we can tell them about it.
Big companies won't listen. I'd love an Irish Rally game but I'm also sad to say that it would most likely not sell well. As big as the rallying is in Ireland, youngsters around these parts these days arn't into it as much as they are into football etc (except me of course but I mean mostly).

I'll sign the petition anyway and send her off to a small reliable company then!
WRC 7 should have some Irish stages!

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Originally posted by rossgamble1987
If the link would wirk i will sign it lad

link works perfect in explorer but not firefox ted...???
Guys sorry to burst your bubbles but this has been tried before a few (or maybe more than a few :) ) years back and fail to make an impact.

Developers go for a worldwide audience and not specific groups.

We even tried getting Magnetic Fields to release the source code for Rally Championship so we could modify it ourselves to Irish specs but they refused.

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Ive played the gaa game and its absolutely rubbish, worst game ever. But theres a disc you can get for the pro evo 5 game that gives you all the official team shirts, stadia and player names. If someone could make up one of those with all the different liveries of the irish cars, you could have them on the ps2
sounds very intriguing timo.
uch lets just all pitch together make a few million and pay some bigt game devoler like codemasters to develop a game and only make enough to do us forum memebers hows that :D
ok I'll give a fiver to start the procceedings :D
I can donate me christmas money but codemasters wont be where its going. you can get magnetic field to do it thanks very much. do they still exist? :roll:
It seems this is all that remains :( :http://www.magneticfields.co.uk/
the easyest thing to do would be to modify richard burns rally (for pc) they are making new stages for it at the moment and to make cars is simple i have made donnellys subaru from galway all you need is photoshop if you could find some game desingers in ireland they would be able to do it (Imagine driving up molls gap in an s12):D:D:laugh:
goin by the gaa game i would let this idea pass.......id rather sit and wonder of how it could be than get the equivalent of the gaa game ....

i still think its great the way in rally championship u can drive past my house.....altho its all flat land but not in real life......
K im gonna get richard burns rally then for PC so can you make your own track or just skins????
there is a track designer but i haven't tried it / seen it in action. there is also a mod to make all stages tarmac and planety of new cars and liveries to use. theres is a gareth mac hale 06 focus. if you're a dab hand with photoshop, there are also templates that you can add liveries to. go to http://www.bhmotorsports.com and you should be able to find out all you need.
K im gonna get richard burns rally then for PC so can you make your own track or just skins????
i can only make skins but people are starting to make tracks and they will adventually make an easy stage designer !!! (molls gap here we come)for skins all you need is dds converter and photoshop:D:laugh:
Romour that Reid Transport team looking at developing a game.No other details than that.
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