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Somw info on above would be helpfull

i.e Regs for the cars being used and dates thinkin on taking corsa there untill later next year before i go into some serious stage rallyin

Thanks in Advance Ross
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all the regs are in Flat To The Mat , and all the dates the events are on
I need to know things like minimum fire equip needed and so on also can i run my suzuki engine down there and types of diffs allowed or can anything land down n race
Think anything can go, dunno bout equipment spec but i think they have a web site and in flat to the mat they give you contact details
All car needs now is a full respray and engine set up and an array of parts lol screw together time "NEARLY" :D
Are you doing the alltrak event at aghadowey???
Will you be out this saturday then?? Ill be sitting in with my mate in a wee RWD fiesta, first event in it!!
Naw wont be my two guys I no will might go way dem might see you there mines wont be ready til feb at the latest mate plus i could be going on holi round that time could be later lol
ross dump the women and do the rally:p:p:cool:
lol naw canny do that big man lol any word of stuff sir !!
Do ya do helmets JP wst kind full faced ones you ave ?
you will need a holiday after getting this corset ready. but leave the woman behind or better still run her down to me, I'll look after her.
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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