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Is there much room out there for annother Small Rallycar Hire Company ??And if so which cars would be to peoples taste Would there be much buissness for a frew Competitive FWD CARS 1300++
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i think there would be once it is a reliable car and not too dear to hire.
Yes ross reliable 1300 cars are a scarce item 2 hire
i have a reailble 1300 swift engined nova for hire and a 1600 8v corsa that will be available after christmas. neither is too expensive
what power is the swift engine putting out?
not totally sure its only in the car i hav'nt even collected it yet should be about 130 running twin 40's cams and alot of head work

going to get it set up on the rr as soon as i get a chance
sounds like a very fit car!!!
Is you springy stuff still unavilble Trev?? didnt get any yet couple of offers came forward sellin adj stuff prices were t high for 2nd hand stuff !
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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