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205 GTi 1.6 problem

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Hi all

My 1987 205 GTI 1.6 rally car is giving trouble...

it has abit of trouble hold revs when idle..
It takes abit of holding the key to get it to start.. once started it starts 'grunting' and eventually cuts out.. ( thats when its idle )

If when idle I touch the throttle and let it go the revs go so low that it cuts out

Anyone had similar problems ?
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change the plugs:roll:
change the plugs and check the ignition module and also check all the air intake pipes that they are all tight and not taking in air where its not ment to, after that id try the Trottle switch on the inlet manifold or the automatio choke unit is Fcuked but id reckon its to do with the air intake pipes by the sound of it
air flow meter could be the cause ?
Colin had a prob like that with his map sensor in the 206 but it didnt as much cut out just down on power ?
Yeah Map sensor will leave them so they won't idle and down on power, if u drive it on the road is it very camy like jumpin and chugging when ur at road speed and lifting off??

I did my first 3 rallys in a 206 with this problem just thought they wern't a very quick car!! Still managed 2nd in 1 and to lead my class tho for 2 days!!!

Let us know how u get on!!
Ctdprep, if you still have a problem, you could try http://www.205challenge.com/ They have a really good forums area, I have found it really usefull for problems with my 205.

got it sorted.. it was the fuel pump.. barely any pressure coming out of it.. wouldnt even move the needle on a pressure gauge!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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