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205 Challange ?

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Any people got any info on the Peugeot 205 challange in ireland? What is the spec of the cars and anyone got any experience on the championship? Any help welcomed.:dunno:
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As far as i Know its standard spec & up to 1600!! Not to sure tho!
www.irish205challenge.com has some info and contact numbers..................
thanks, website was helpful. think you allowed 1.9 tho?
you'll find Rory Galligans number on the site, give him a shout and he'll tell you all about it. its based on almost standard 1.6's but some bits from a 1.9 can be fitted to the cars
If your after a car, check out Flat 2 the Mat, seen an ad in it today for Adrian McElhinney's car, he'd be another good guy to talk to about the championship as he's competed in it for the last 2 years
thanks for all help. got talking to rory galligan yesterday. is flat to the mat on the web?

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dont think so, I can get you a number for Adrian if you want it
congrats to james stafford/ gary murphy for winning this year fair drivind
ya well done James and Gary!!! Fair play to ye!!:)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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