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2005 JFF Christmas Stages

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OK to re-open my site I'm running a small 8 stage multi platform event for RBR signup is open and if your interested you can signup HERE

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Sounds good. I'm in. I've sent the entry form but I don't think I've registered on the website. :p
dont need too :)
I'm getting more response from Rallyforum.com for this event than here... whats up guys you cry out for competition and when it arrives you stay quiet :D

This is a tester event for bigger and better things to come so lets get rally!! get signed up!!

Rally Starts 18/12/2005 so plenty of time to dust off that disc and get practicing :D

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get ur website known on rallyforum.com. those lads love the gaming but, although we get a healthy turnout for most events, its really only for the local events it happens (ie the events that are held on that forum). but its a good place to go alright.
yep. deadline is the 20th (tuesday). nirallyworld.net

have a look :D
looks like a 1 make championship...... Think I'll enter a 206 to be different:D
welcome aboard David :D
Deadline tonight (TUE) at midnight (GMT). If your results are not in you will be classified as DNS.

Results published shortly after midnight ;)

You can either email me or send them via U2U

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what tonight balls

i thought tonight was the dead line to sign up... im away tonight but mabe ill be able to do it.
dont panic u got till midnight :D... I still have the second half to do and I'm out tonite aswell :D


Even if you retire (which you shouldnt really :D) please send me the times you have completed and the reason for your retirement.
no worries anto...there will plenty more chances to run in 2006 watch this space :D
30 mins to end of rally... lets get those times in guys :)
Its Official

Out of the 11 Entries to this rally only 5 starters. Hope to see more starters in the next event. (Details To Follow)

1 Alan Ruber 37:08.1
2 Gary Gray 49:10.8
3 Paddy Cummins DNF
4 John Jones DNS

1 Tor Andre Børresen 39:24.6
2 Jon Jackson DNF
3 Luke Harvey DNS
4 Craig Breen DNS
5 Craig Beresford DNS
6 David Napier DNS
7 Anthony Concannon DNS

Full Results http://www.nirallyworld.net/?do=rbrJFFrally

Rally Report to follow

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Gutted that the 1st time that my name has appeared on an entry list I got a DNS I knew my wife planned to take me out for a meal for my birthday last night, the surprise bit was that she had booked us into a hotel for the night, and arranged for us both to have the day off today, just home now:D

I had done the stages on monday evening, have the times here beside me, not as good as Tor's times :roll: but I feel they are respectable.

Was setup allowed to be altered for the rally? I used the standard setup and have a button controller, my times were
ss1 4.08.04 and 4.08.64
ss3 5.58.65 and 6.06.66
ss5 4.15.08 and 4.16.39
ss6 5.37.92 and 5.43.71
Definately respectable times David and yes setup was set at standard.

Happy Birthday for last night :D
thanks, sorry for letting you down, takes effort to organise these things and I always try to keep to my word, last night things were out of my hand, was a lovely surprise tho, can recommend Newforge House to any romantics out there planning to do similar;)
thats no problem it wasnt your fault .... get signed up for the next one and show us what you can do :D
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