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Hopefullly maybe someone has a spare copy of the 2004 programme from last year......money waiting!!!

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Hi seem to have been let down with the guy that had the 04 prog does anyone have a 04 and 05 Ulster prig in good condition please.....cheers

PS Just want them for my collection......

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When I was looking for last years programme, I found the following programmes...

2005 Galway Int.
2005 Mayo Stages
2003 Sligo Stages
2004 Ulster Int.
2003 Ulster Int.
2003 Mourne Rally
2003 West Cork
2003 Donegal Int.
2002 Northeast Single Stage
2003 Circuit of Kerry
2005 Circuit of Ireland
2000 Wexford Rally
2003 Cork '20'
2000 Ravens Rock
2000 Donegal Harvest Stages
2000 Dunlop Rally of Ireland
2005 Cavan Stages
2003 Mayo Stages
2002 Ulster Int.
2003 Lurgan Park
2004 West Cork
2004 Stonethrowers
2002 Cork '20'
2004 Circuit of Ireland

And LOTS of UK rally programmes...

If you want the ones above this weekend, let me know by this evening, and I will put them into the car. If not, they are going in the bin.

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I'd sooner keep the irish ones & throw away the WRC ones. I like to dig one out every now & then thats ten years old or so & look through the entry list. Sometimes you find an interesting article that wasnt so interesting at the time!
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