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On rallycarsforsale.net look at their ad of the week. An ex works manta for €110,000! I don't know bout all ye but i think that's crazy money! You can get a WRC for less than that!

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maybe you would get a wrc for that but no wrc would sound like a manta being driven at full tilt,i know if i had the choice what i would buy and it would be driven by the two rear wheels and i would spend my time driving it looking out of the side windows smiling.

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whats even more mental is the Felicia Kit car for 35k. excle vat

Supposedly ex Kresta.............so what?

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look wot else is for sale - wonder what he's gettin to replace it?

Ford Focus WRC
ID# : 13936 ; Date posted : December 6, 2005 ; Expire date : November 6, 2007 ;
Factory date: 2002

Price: £210000

Details: 02 ford focus wrc bare metal rebuild at m-sport jan 05 updated to paddle shift and new spec titanium tarmac suspension Engine 500km gearbox transmission & suspension 100km, Car just resprayed maintained regardless of cost

Contact Name: craig bennett
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