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Thread: Meeke

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    Default Meeke

    Looks like that's his WRC career over. Shame that Citroen came back to bite him, again. He has himself to blame to some extent and luck has never been his friend.
    Perhaps we might see him in some other branch of the sport or maybe a development driver at some stage. No doubt disappointed but he did have a good run at it, considering no backing or rich benefactor.

    Breen much in the same boat, may have a chance at M-Sport although that may come with a price.

    Best wishes to both (and Paul Nagle too), they've done the place proud.
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    Default Re: Meeke

    considering no backing or rich benefactor, he has hung on in there and done pretty well. he walks away a 5 times winner at the top of the sport, in a era dominated by the two Sebs, so thats a pretty decent acheivement. yes, he will always get stick for the car wrecks, but, still feel he gets a lot of unfair abuse. will be a poorer championship with him not there, and as well as craig, he deserves a decent crack at it, but is stuck similar to kris, in and out of cars, then the pressure to perform is tenfold. will be interesting to see what kris does. Not many others about with his speed that msport could stick in that fiesta to get the best out of it, but cant see that happening.

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    Default Re: Meeke

    As a new WRC season starts, it's a shame he's not there (and Craig actually) but in this era of fewer cars/seats - it was always likely plenty of talented drivers would be left on the sidelines. Even now, in 2020; were you're from matters; something that has hampered both drivers to be fair. Kris should have been in a WRCar in the mid 2000s, but lack of seats, no backing meant no drive for a while. If you're similarly talented, but from a rally friendly country, it's a lot easier to get / keep the drives.....

    One wishes him luck for the future; he seems happy enough going by his instagram posts - and he' having fun.

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    Default Re: Meeke

    Cannot understand how Craig most of all is not in a Fiesta or i20 for Monte...

    2 serious under performers in Fiesta's & one in a Hyundai...

    As for Kris, talk of maybe testing for Toyota and was spectating at Dakar with Gazoo Racing so could see him there in the future?


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