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Conversation Between Jonathan MacDonald and Gerard Mc Carron

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  1. Well Jonathan
    Just asking is there some reason why I can't start a new thread, whenever I click on new thread it ask's me to log in even though I'm already logged in.
    So I do as it ask's and it thanks me for logging in but then it just bring's me back tp the same log in page again.....
    Maybe it's something simple, but I can't seem to get past that stage.
    Thanks again for your help....
    Cheers.... GMC....
  2. Hello Jonathan
    Gerard Mc Carron here, just sending you this link to a girl I was speaking to earlier today who is a member but like so many, including myself forgot her password, would you mind sending it on to her. Thanks....
    Just one other thing, have you had a look at the thread I started on the Media bib issue, the fact MSI want 50 from every person that look for accreditation at the start of every year, just wandered what your thoughts were on this as it affects you also.
    Cheers...... GMC
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