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  1. today in antrim... thats the last rally of the year so id say thats it.. or one of teh last ones...
  2. looks like i have to fade out, Rally Japan not exactly exciting today and looks like gonna miss Townparks.

    Any co-driving duties coming up for you or are you looking to next season
  3. ya still there.. ill be here for a while anyway... im stocked now 5 cans of teh stuff for the day... being trying to get a hour kip but its not working...
  4. no rest for the wicked, you still at Setanta

    sense a red bull day myself
  5. nope in work... no audio on these computers

    going to sneak out at 6am to get up there in time to do it... its going to be a red bull day :P
  6. I'am indeed though meant to be timekeeping at the Townparks tomorrow though they have enough people so I may not make it.

    You up listening to WRR
  7. ya up all night for japan??
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