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29-08-2007, 16:52
Ford Focus
Full works ford focus wrc static simulator.sit in and experience real driving thrills on this playstation based car.fully working steering wheel,pedals and surround sound.40" plasma screen and wrc championship game makes this a reality!!Contact me for more imformation.Suitable for shows,rallys,birthdays or cruises....

087 6464058
087 9454506 ( ( (

29-08-2007, 17:00
oooo if only hi !

29-08-2007, 18:56
oooo if only hi !i think he means it is available for hire Ross for shows etc not for sale.

James Sharkey
29-08-2007, 21:03
ill shout the notes for ye aiden if your stuck

30-08-2007, 15:30
what money would it be to hire out for a birthday for the day in derry?

30-08-2007, 15:35
give me a call.

31-08-2007, 17:04
Its A Ford Lads That Yoke Wont Stay Going, Sure Ya Cant Keep Wheel Bearings In The Back Of Those Yokes,,

19-09-2007, 21:19
Aye but wouldnt she be nice parked in yer bedroom

In between the aa beside the awl **** it out in the drive !