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12-12-2006, 20:54
Photos can be found here ( l%20ShootOut)

There is a good selection of photos on the site showing all aspects of the tests involved.

The event was won by Swedish driver Victor Henriksson.

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13-12-2006, 12:23
what way did they select the winner?who were the judges?

jp ruth
13-12-2006, 12:32
louis,sharon and simon :gotcha:

13-12-2006, 12:37

13-12-2006, 15:37
Originally posted by andy1978
what way did they select the winner?who were the judges?

The shootout was based over two days.

Day 1 saw each competitor tackle a number of tests from psychological and physical to a media presentation.

Day 2 brought the competitors into Greystoke forest where they competed against eachother on a 4.5km stage over a number of timed runs.

Each section of the shootout was judged by different people

- The psychological section was judged by a representative from Edinburgh University

- The physical section, including a cross country run and machine work was judged by a fitness specialist

- The media presentations were judged by a panel of media experts. One member of the media from each competing country was there to mark each competitor on their presentations and PR skills

After all tests were completed, the five highest scoring individuals went into the final. Malcolm Wilson, John Steele, Andrew Wheatley and Stella Boyles then made their decision based on a set of criteria for the job.

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13-12-2006, 15:45
Did Owen Murphy do it?

13-12-2006, 16:21
No, Kevin Davies was selected as the UK wildcard.

13-12-2006, 21:26
Its suprising what you can set up in the forests

Jimmy Page
13-12-2006, 22:23
Profound as ever ste.

14-12-2006, 20:16
that is precisely the way in which the billy coleman award should be judged.....

15-12-2006, 00:22
Ciara, does that mean you're judging in 07 (assuming there is a shootout then)? 'Cause if you are you're going to have a lot of friends here advising you..........