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Sir V Tec
02-09-2013, 13:14
Just wondering if anyone on here is going to WRC France? I am looking at doing so but there are no direct flights from Dublin to Strasbourg. Looks like flying into Frankfurt is the best (& cheapest option) however there are no flights on the Thursday so have to fly out on Friday morning so will miss a lot of the first day. Other options include flying through Stansted or Stuttgart but this is a lot more expensive.

Also if anyone could advise what the traffic is typically like to get to stages. Is there any chance of moving between stages once you get there?

Any advice appreciated.

end over end
02-09-2013, 14:42
Aerlingus to Frankfurt main, on both Thursday morning and eve, back on Monday eve, usually cheap as chips..or ryanair fly to Frankfurt hann for buttons also, usually a lot of traffic during the day on the mahihiem road so allow 3/4hrs to get from main, hann is usually quicker and more scenic!!

02-09-2013, 14:51
I'm heading out through Stuttgart and getting the train into Strasbourg. Done this last year too. Far quicker to drive though if you can collect a hire car from stuttgart. Few lads came over to watch and ended up flying into Basel and out of Stuttgart. The Mulhouse/Colmar stages (Friday last year) are closer to basel than Strasbourg nearly.
Dont know much about spectator traffic but we had serious traffic on some of the road sections, especially in the evenings heading back to Strasbourg.

306 Cosworth
06-09-2013, 20:38
I'm driving down from the SW of England. Really looking forward to it. Full speccy info should be on the website soon too so you can all plan properly.

If anyone sees a black UK reg Skoda Fabia vRS then come and say hi!