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11-04-2012, 19:55
The Circuit of Ireland Rally is over again, and I want to pass on my heartfelt thanks to everybody who supported the event this year.

Most importantly to my friends in the Circuit of Ireland Management Team, who have worked so hard over the last year – when I told you late in October last year that it looked like we may have the IRC in six months time, it created a whole new set of problems. Problems which were worked through with a ‘can do’ attitude, thereby bringing another major sporting event to Ireland, which we can all be proud of.

· to the Stage managers and commanders, who made ready the 9 different locations of stages, as well as our start and finish locations;
· to the hundreds of Marshals who gave so much of their time to stand out in the wilds and make the rally work;
· to those who organised, controlled and ran the Service Park, it was especially difficult this year;
· to the ‘backroom’ and admin team, who rarely get any credit for the mountains of paperwork and organisation that they supply;
· to the media team, who did so much to help the visiting media, thus bringing our country to a new audience;
· to our radio, timekeeper, medical and rescue teams, as well as the results officials, who keep everything running;
· to the managers and officials of our two family friendly events – the Titanic Super Special Stage and the Lisburn Power Stage – both were absolutely fantastic and show a new turn for rallying;
· to the competitors who put up with our difficulties and problems, with such a positive attitude;
· to our stewards and scrutineers, who helped with the general running of the event;
· to our commentators in Titanic, Lisburn and Armagh for keeping everyone so informed;
· to the residents on the stages, who accepted us and allowed us to close them in for many hours;
· to our major sponsors the Donnelly Group, Tourism Ireland, Northern Ireland Tourist Board as well as the many companies who supported our cause - by helping us with supply or discounted services;
· to Armagh, Lisburn and Belfast Councils, who sponsored us, as well as helped us to bring rallying to the people;
· to our PR company Lighthouse Communications who have managed our publicity so well;
· to the media who have backed our cause so much and given us such incredible publicity;
· to the tens of thousands of spectators who thronged to the stages – thank you for obeying the marshals and keeping safe. Thank you especially to those who have supported the event and bought a programme;
· to all the motor clubs involved with the running of our event;
· to our governing body of motorsport – the MSA

Without all of your help, this event would have been nothing.

Bobby Willis
Event Director
Circuit of Ireland Rally 2012

Christy Butler
11-04-2012, 19:57
well done on the whole event

13-04-2012, 09:43

13-04-2012, 14:00
Bobby didn't waste the money on throphys any way I got better ones at night navigations! Rally was good apart from all the time and money wasted around titanic quater , Lisburn was enough for town spectators with out goin near Belfast .

13-04-2012, 19:01
A big pat on the back is required for all involved - great achievement bringing the IRC here and making it a success.

Just hope we'll see it return and will get the money side of things sorted, - the North West 200 shows whats possible with motorsport here with the right backers!
Maybe more stages straddling the border to pull in more investment from north and south could be an option.

The footage from the skoda guys showed they were in a different class, and it would be great to see them back next year.

- while the Titanic stage didnt quite live up to the billing the organisors would have been slated for missing a trick with all the Titanic hype if they hadnt done something related to it!

touch of the clutch
13-04-2012, 19:58
Well done bobby - some improvement in such a short space of time!