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08-03-2012, 13:31
'NI 2012 our time our place' brochure for the coming months doesn't even bother to mention the Circuit of Ireland Rally at Easter.

So if it being a round of the IRC and two city centre spectator stages doesnt warrant a mention, why is the Ulster Rally on the list.

Tut tut NITB & COI management for not sorting that out :-/

Edit, i see it on their website, but this brochure will be seen by a lot more people, it was left into our shop As it was probably every shop in NI (****cough Benburb village stores (SPAR), main st, benburb, which is of course open late Good Friday and all day Saturday for hot food, sandwiches, snacks, fuel, etc ;- **** )

Pat McHugh
08-03-2012, 13:50
Shameless plug there :)

Every other week you hear tourism chiefs complaining about how difficult the industry is yet here is a huge event that will fill hotel beds and they shabbily promote.

Then again might be better off the industry are clueless as they'd be only too glad to indulge in price hiking

08-03-2012, 14:15
Shameless plug there :)
Well Pat theres one thing for sure, NITB arent gonna market the shop so a wee bit of free advertising does no harm, especially when the shop is so close to three of the stages ( ive an awful tickly cough today!)