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James Wolstenholme
22-11-2010, 17:32
Hi all,

Not yet competition ready, but soon to be.

E36 Coupe
1.9L engine stroked to 2.0L
Throttle bodies and headwork with cams
One-off gravel suspension
Usual safety equipment and under guards

What 2WD upto 2.0L series would be the best to enter?

Not looking to set records, just for fun mainly.

Thanks in advance


22-11-2010, 18:12
Nice any pictures? try & for advice although both very Uk orientated
good luck with the car

James Wolstenholme
22-11-2010, 18:21
No pictures yet. She's nowhere near being finished. Just want to check I'm not wasting my time ;)

24-11-2010, 08:42
If your just out for fun then you'll never be wasting your time.

But if you ever did want to win in that class it would be very difficult. A lot of men spend a lot of money building escorts for the 2.0 16v 2wd class, and an escorts can be under 900kg, a weight you would never really get an E36 down to.

James Wolstenholme
24-11-2010, 17:26
Yeah I was thinking about that today. I think the E36 is around 1200kg stock with a 4cyl. And 140bhp stock engine. Even with shed loads of money spent on tuning the engine it would be hard to see 200bhp realistically. I'm now considering going to M3 engine route and going in a higher class. For now anyway I'll just drive it for the craic.

Anthony Lynch
25-11-2010, 20:07
With loads of money spent you could get alot of power, but it would be vary costly. Here is a BMW S42 engine for sale 2.0l 286 bhp 15,000 which is about the price of any of them really ->
These engines were used in the BMW touring cars in the 90's and produced between 300-315bhp ->

James Wolstenholme
25-11-2010, 21:06
If I had 15K to blow on an engine, I surely wouldn't be driving a 500 pound car. No chance in hell. Will probably just stick an M3 engine in her and have done with it. 2 days work and instant 300bhp. Basically plug and play. Not interested in long term projects and hassle. Just want to get out there in something slightly competative and have some fun